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            No.8 Turnout JIS37

            New product

            ZBRF developed with partners and supplied No.8 JIS37 turnouts in 2020

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            Product description:

            This turnout was developed by ZBRF together with our partner in 2020 according to JIS standard and PNR specification, we combined technology of high speed train in China,  and requirements from clients for 90km/h speed train. So, it has very high quality and with reasonable price.

            Product technologies:

            Turnout angle         :      1 in 10

            Track gauge            :      1.067 m

            Tongue rails for switch shall be made from 37 kg rail and be hinged type. The heel end of tongue rails shall be so shaped as to ensure smooth connection with lead rail.

            Crossing shall be monoblock type or assembled type.      

             Main dimensions turnout shall be in accordance with the Drawings.

             Maximum axle load                 :      20 tons

            Train speed: 90km/h

            Rail to be used for the turnout shall be 37 kg rails

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            ZBRF is a leading manufacturer of rail fastening, track work spare parts, tunnel bolts in China.

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